We recognise that our first duty is to keep our people safe and that if we set out to do things the right way, we will get the results our clients need. Milltown Developments acknowledge its health and safety responsibilities as an employer. We are committed to ensuring that our Health and Safety Policy is fully implemented and reviewed on a continuous basis providing a safe working environment for all employees and persons not employed by the Company who may be impacted by its activities.

Our Commitment is demonstrated through;

  • A Policy of On-Going Consultation with Management and Employees regarding Health & Safety procedures
  • Ample measures taken to promote a Safe Working Environment
  • A proven Health and Safety Record
  • An operational and regular review of Training and Education Policies for all Employees across all levels within the Company
  • In addition to Health & Safety personnel, the employment of third-party Health & Safety Consultants to carry out regular independent site safety inspections, ensuring safety standards are always maintained

Milltown Developments maintains independent certification that the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems conform to the requirements of I.S. ISO 45001:2018


It is the intention at Milltown Developments about ethos, culture and environment that supports the Company’s core values and promotes excellence across the entire team and all aspects of the business.

This encourages a highly energetic team dynamic at all levels, industry-leading quality/delivery, to strive to be the best at all we can do. Our long-standing reputation as a Civil, Structural and Architectural Company with over 30 years experience ensures our customers that they will be provided with a High Quality completed project that meets the required specification.  It is our responsibility to guarantee that the specifications of Quality Management System to I.S EN ISO 9001:2015 are adhered to and that the necessary measures are established, maintained and updated. The quality Management System is systematically reviewed and upgraded, to ensure continued efficiency and development.


Milltown Developments undertakes Civil, Structural & Architectural projects including Design and Build projects, and is committed to managing Environmental issues in a responsible and practical way. In accepting our responsibilities to offer future generations the choices and opportunities that we too appreciate. The Company tenders, designs, plans, constructs and maintains construction projects in accordance with the EQO, successfully assessed and registered to the provisions of Environmental Management System to IS. EN ISO 14001:2015

We investigate Internal & External environmental issues and identify the areas of our business activities and services that impact on the Environment. We are committed to Managing these areas of our business to maintain protection of the Environment including; Conserving energy and water, using efficient technologies and sustainable materials, ensuring all site operations follow and exceed best practice guidelines, Reducing carbon emissions and Minimising the consumption of resources

We observe and calculate our Environmental performance through meaningful key performance indicators, making environmental concerns central to all our processes

Corporate Social Responsibility

Milltown Developments are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, especially in the communities in which we serve.

Corporate Social Responsibility is about sharing knowledge and skilled expertise, spreading the site safety and environmental awareness messages by acting responsibly and ethically, doing our part when it comes to supporting local causes.

By working collaboratively with our colleagues, customers, and communities – we aim to provide sustainably.

Certificates for Health & Safety, Environment & Quality Management